Поиск работы на hh

Поиск работы на hh

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More than a million vacancies and a quick search for work and part-time work on hh.ru.

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The "Поиск работы на hh" app by HeadHunter is geared towards helping job seekers find suitable employment opportunities. Some notable features include:

  • Job Search: The app allows users to browse through a wide range of job listings by various criteria such as location, job title, salary, and company.
  • Advanced Filters: Users can refine their search results using advanced filters, including experience level, education requirements, employment type, and more.
  • Saved Jobs: The app allows users to save interesting job offers for later review and to easily track their progress through the application process.
  • Real-time Notifications: Users receive real-time notifications for new job openings that match their preferences, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities.
  • Company Insights: The app provides detailed company profiles and reviews, helping job seekers gain insights into potential employers.
  • Resume Builder: Users can create and edit a professional resume directly within the app, making it easy to apply for jobs directly from their mobile devices.


The app offers a user-friendly experience with a simple and intuitive interface. Navigating through the different sections is straightforward, allowing users to easily access desired job listings, save jobs, and manage their applications. The search filters are comprehensive and provide flexibility to find the most relevant opportunities. The resume builder feature simplifies the application process by allowing users to create a professional resume without leaving the app.


The design of the "Поиск работы на hh" app is clean and visually appealing. The color scheme and typography are pleasing to the eye, enhancing the overall user experience. The layout is well-structured, with intuitive icons and easy-to-read sections. The app's design contributes to its usability and makes it a pleasure to navigate and use regularly.


  • Extensive job listing database with various search criteria and advanced filters.
  • Real-time notifications for new relevant job openings.
  • Saved jobs feature for easy tracking and organization.
  • Detailed company profiles and reviews provide insights into potential employers.
  • Resume builder feature simplifies job applications directly through the app.
  • Clean and visually appealing design enhances usability.


  • Limited availability of some job listings, depending on the location and industry.
  • The resume builder feature may not offer as many customization options as desktop applications.
  • Some users may experience occasional bugs or stability issues.

In conclusion, the "Поиск работы на hh" app from HeadHunter provides a comprehensive job search solution for users. With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and visually appealing design, it offers a seamless experience for job seekers. Although it has some limitations and occasional technical issues, it remains a valuable tool for finding suitable employment opportunities.

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